Romeo K.O. EP

  • VOLT
  • Exile On Mainstream
  • 2005-11-03

VOLT have been playing around Europe, also under the name Roerhedds, for a couple of years but the Romeo K.O. EP is their first official release, the band having recently signed to their native German Exile On Mainstream label. The sticker on the front of the CD states “Pure Fuckin’ Noise rampage! Plowing the fields sown by bands like Melvins or Jesus Lizard” which is pretty much spot on. This limited release EP, only 750 copies exist for the worldwide market, is indeed a fine example of the dirtiest, messiest, loudest punk noise and deserves a listen from anyone who can get a copy.

muted riffs which are incredibly catchy for their almost violent noise

Opening track “Al Salam” hits in with the dischordant, muted pummelling typical of all six tracks on the record. The vocals are screeched, growled and shouted out alongside with affectiveness. Along with this comes a distorted bass cutting underneath and adding to the abrasive racket. The rampage continues through “Graff Stoff” and into short almost jazzy-riffed thity-three second “Almino”; this mid-EP burst having a lot of power in its short length. “Wuux” continues the math riffs and the following and penultimate track “Hulk and Lumpi” bursts straight into the by now trademark metallic chugging and with more of the muted riffs which are incredibly catchy for their almost violent noise. The band play more with dynamics in final track “Mother’s Dick”, instead of the more constant barrage of the previous tracks, it breaks down from its cacophonous heights and hushes and slows to a post-storm calm which although threatens another blast back in, instead breaks the habit of the EP and disperses into silence and the end of the record.

Each song, and the whole EP is over quickly, being only being sixteen minutes in length, and its briefness works well with the intensity of each song. Its a great EP and it looks promisingly towards an impressive full-length release which must be on the cards. If you like bands like The Jesus Lizard, The Melvins, Oxes, Unsane, Tomahawk or Surgery then you’re gonna love it, and there’s not many copies of it out there, so go find it quickly.

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