Pedantic Romantic

  • Vexkiddy
  • Human Shield
  • 2012-01-23

Vexkiddy have changed. Their debut album, Knocking Out Numbers, was a fun affair with plenty of zest – their old skool hardcore and jungle veered into breakcore and was even brought to life on stage in the guise of Victorian time-travelling gentlemen using music to deliver manic stage shows. Nearly four years later Vexkiddy returns with Pedantic Romantic having undergone an adjustment in tone: writer and producer Mr Tim has scaled back on the madcap beats for a more considered approach taking cues from the modern horror disco scene, classic italo and U.S. 80s electro funk.

The 8 bit funk of the spikey “Dear Boss” suggests a lo-fi album with “Hype Machine” evoking the sounds of DMX Krew’s 2010 release on Rephlex Wave Funk with its eletro-breaks. “Babystrange” and “Better Than Life” keep on a similar vein but Mr Tim ups the pace on “Geronimo”, injecting energy and adding vocoder vocals for some excitable disco. “Making Time With You” has hints of dubstep bass wobbles while “My Name is Peter” is akin to early Aphex Twin. Vexkiddy’s remix (or re-muddle as he calls it) of OLO Worms track “Back From England” is a darkly epic offering while the final track “My Lady Rendezvous” is actually an industrial electronica edit by Ghettoscraper.

A lighthearted romp.

Pedantic Romantic is unreservedly retro and a might surprise Vexkiddy fans who have waited a long time to hear this follow up. He’s certainly moved away from the breakneck style of old, but that’s no bad thing. The electronica style Mr Tim now seems so keen to embrace is in vogue and his poppy style is a brave move. It’s a lighthearted romp, but one question remains: how will Mr Tim bring Vexkiddy to the live scene for this incarnation of his music?

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