Midwest Funk

  • Various Artists
  • Jazzman Records
  • 2005-02-02

Midwest Funk is an additional collection of rare, collectable and previously unreleased funk 45s capturing the 1965-75 golden era of North American Funk. This is a seriously hyped album, pooling the best unheard funk joints from the Midwest of America through the Tornado Valley. Fizzle me, these boys dun gud! Enlisting the expert funk archaeologists Dante Carfagna, Gerald Short, Malcolm Catto and Dante Carfanga, the LP is a monster funk collective.

From lonely, funky soul to hard, funky jazz; this album offers dozens of perspectives into ‘what is the nature of funk?’. There are slow hooks like Wanda Davis — “Save Me” (a fantastic cover of Aretha Franklin’s classic), sick instrumentals like Billy Ball & the Upsetters — “Sissy Walk” and low down duuuurty funk classics like The Fabulous Originals — “It Ain’t Fair, But It’s Fun.”

…most tracks have been recorded onto compact disk straight from the original 45s

It’s albums like this that reveal Funk music’s a transcendent production of the human spirit. I literally haven’t stop dancing to this ‘ish’ since the LP dropped. The tempo differs in every track, yet there is an omnipotent soulful driving force to maintain stability throughout. The rarity of some of the records is barefaced; most tracks have been recorded onto compact disk straight from the original 45s and still contain that satisfying raspy/spikey edge, adding to the feel of the album. You can literally hear the energy, the vibe and excitement at the time of recording like a dry slap in the face from Frank Butcher. So… get up offa that thang and peep a copy.

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