Comes To Your House

  • Todd
  • Southern
  • 2006-04-03

After 2002’s untitled EP and then Purity Pledge two years later, London’s Todd have produced a new offspring, and this one launches itself right at your face, with broken shards piercing your ears. Their previous releases rocked but this is heavy as hell — but not metal, just quite a lot to deal with.

Comes To Your House is one mean punk-ROCK record, capturing all the aggression of the band’s live performance (sometimes a very serious aggression!). And don’t worry, your speakers are fine, this just sounds dirty and noisy as hell. And it really shouldn’t be any other way.

don’t worry, your speakers are fine, this just sounds dirty and noisy as hell

After its stop/start beginning with a mucked-up sample of “Salty old Queen of the Sea” the album veers around doing some very different things in its thirty-five minutes — including fat discordant sludge riffs on “Chair Fight”, “The Knife” and “Sheperdess”, punk-rock barrage on “A Killer Grows” and “Captain Vinegar”, head-moving rock on “Comes To Your House”, instrumental noise on “Council Member”, and just pure chaos on “Black Skull”. “To Do List” is an excellent track with minimal vocals and repeating instrumental interplay; “Christian St. Christian” offers more experimental territory with multiple samples including Asian women speaking, played over repetive rythyms and distortion; and the album ends with a synthetic instumental rocker in “Crack A Winch”.

Main vocalist Craig Clouse’s lyrics are muffled by his own power, Fifi Cernosek’s are pure screaming noise, the guitars are a distorted mess, drums carve out a forcful, driving backbone and keyboard electronics come in gurgling, squealing and noisy. This is put together well, the sum of its parts being a beastly noise that’s a thrilling ride. It may be a bit too much for some, but the band would probably like that, for many punk/rock/noise fans it’ll probably offer quite an engrossingly abrasive experience. It’s one for a party when you’re wasted and you want to throw yourself around some — when Todd comes to your house its going to get trashed.

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