Wait and See

  • Tiefschwarz
  • Fine
  • 2005-07-04

Was it only a few years ago that house music was proclaimed dead or dying (its probably still being resuscitated)? Bloated, corporate colossi like Ministry of Sound or Cream have been sold as brands solely to churn out “Now That’s What I Call Vague Chill-Out Old-Skool Anthems Vol 89” [mixed by Brandon Block and Jimmy Saville] by the bucket load. The hollow spectre of Topshop House (usually a clumsy cut-and-shut combination of eighties cheese and 4/4 beat) threatens to overshadow the legends of early Chicago pioneers and the Acid house casualties.

But electronic dance music has shown a remarkable capacity for destruction and reinvention throughout its short twenty odd year history. So, like a phoenix rising from the charred corpse of a nameless $10k an hour superstar DJ, house music is reborn as electro house! And the cycle continues…

…melodically references Kraftwerk and Talking Heads

German brothers, Tiefschwarz, are rather old hands at this ‘Electro’ business. Genius remixers, they have worked on Kelis and The Rapture and their rework of Kinda New by Spektrum could be considered one of the best. Ever. Now they have moved back into producing their own material. “Wait and See” is from the duo’s new LP, Eat Books, and features yelped vocals from Rupert from Chikinki. The original melodically references Kraftwerk and Talking Heads. Not exactly original in these eighties obsessed times but coupled with the driving rhythm it’s a thrilling prospect in the right environment.

The remixes offer two variations of a theme. The excellent Alter Ego mix has a shuffling calypso beat and peaks with the sound of two 303’s, drunk on Vodka Redbulls, having a drunken argument about one flirting with the others drum machine. Gucci Soundsystem produce a moody tech-house groove to hang the synth squawks, from which is rather more subtle than the other versions, but no less effective.

Following this single and the trail blazed into the mainstream by the likes of Mylo, Tiefschwarz may just find themselves bursting out of the underground.

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