The Invisible Deck

  • The Rogers Sisters
  • Too Pure
  • 2006-04-13

The Rogers Sisters are made up by Jennifer and Laura Rogers, which yes with a name like The Rogers Sisters is what you would expect. But they also have honorary member Miyuki Furtado who seems to do the bulk of the music making on this album… So the name seems a little misleading don’t you think?

You can hear influences of Prince and Talking Heads throughout the album, which isn’t a bad thing. The first track “Why Won’t You” is a good start to the album with fresh and dynamic beats — I want to dance and I think you will too. “Never Learn To Cry” is track two and their latest single. It’s surprising it was picked out to be the single from this very diverse album; it just seems a little bland. The Rogers Sisters are better than that, and this almost monotonous song does not show off their skills — they have them, I swear.

Miyuki’s voice makes me want to sit up straight and listen intensely.

It seemed after listening to the album that some of the tracks were so hard hitting and kind of exciting but others were so arid and tedious I wanted to curl up and sleep — how could songs by the same band on the same album could be so different? I put my finger on it — the vocals of Miyuki and Jennifer. Whenever Jennifer sings the songs seem to drag, there just seems to be something missing. I just don’t get that feeling in my gut that this song would ever change my life forever. Then I hear Miyuki’s voice, and it makes me want to sit up straight and listen intensely, it excites me I guess.

“Your Littlest World” is not their best piece of art, its too long and it doesn’t have anything really to say. But then we get to songs such as “The Clock” and we see that maybe Jennifer does have more to offer on vocals — its much more raucous. The best track on the album is “The Conversation” though, which sounds very British. It sounds a mix of Brit rock and 80’s pop and yet again Miyuki’s voice is piercing and hits home hard.

I think the Rogers Sisters have a lot more to offer, this album shows that if they want to they can be truly stupendous but it also shows their dull and tedious side. I want to see more from this band. Watch this space.

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