Long Before I Reach The Phone

  • The Riverclub
  • Bravestar Recordings
  • 2005-11-07

Although their PR describes them as “Melodic Upbeat Rock! With Keyboards!” and I’m sure the band would prefer otherwise, what springs to mind with this EP is the dreaded E-word. Sorry guys. Emo. There, now that’s out of the way we can continue with the review.

The Riverclub come from the debauched rock n roll capital of West Sussex, Hastings, so as you’d expect their music is a none-more-black, malevolent dragon beast. Ok, not really. They are floppy fringed labelmates to the likes of My Awesome Compilation and Copeland which gives you a useful reference point for the music. And very decent it is too.

debauched rock n roll capital of West Sussex, Hastings

This debut mini is produced by A’s Jason Perry who manages to forgo his band’s pop-metal bludgeon and bring The Riverclub’s melodic sensibilities to the fore. Opener “We’re on Empty Again” rattles along with the requisite buzzsaw guitars and shouty chorus and “Call If You Want To” does exactly the same – but even better. These peaks aren’t really maintained throughout though and whilst the tempo is kept up the other tracks fly past rather like a derivative soundtract to American Pie V: Old School Road Trip. Albeit in an English accent, which is commendable.

Energetic music about girls for baggy trousered youth, and way better than Busted.

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