Alienoid Starmonica EP

  • The Aliens
  • EMI
  • 2005-05-08

After producing yet another brilliantly eclectic, innovative and downright great album in Heroes to Zeros in 2004 the Beta Band decided to call it a day. Following the demise of the Betas, John and Robin hooked up with one of their old comrades — the song writing genius that is Gordon Anderson (aka Lone Pigeon) — and formed The Aliens.

The Aliens are exciting, a sort of folk/trip hop with experimental jamming. It’s something very similar to the roots of the Beta Band and has gained them national cult status. The Alienoid Starmonica EP is their first release, and it’s incendiary. It stays close to their musical background and the Beta Band — it’s hard to begin a new band and try to not carry the title of ‘those ones out of the Beta Band’, but what they have created seems sincere.

EP finisher “Lonas (Looking For Space)” sends chills down the spine.

At 7.03 minutes long the first track “Hey Leanne” is not what I was expecting. The Aliens have arrived, its true, you can even hear them landing. (How Ironic.) Aside from the 80s sound effects it’s a beauitful song — pure and tidy — something neat with all the ingredients of a well-rounded folk song.

“Only Waiting”, like “Hey Leanne” is attention grabbing. The art of creating a successful EP is to make the audience want more and as I am not satisfied with just four tracks, the band have succeeded. Of all four tracks “Robot Man” is more disappointing, though containing a great 1970s disco feel to it, the songs seemed to become slightly repetitive here.

The Aliens are motivating storytellers and the EP finisher “Lonas (Looking For Space)” sends chills down the spine. Pretty intense. I think I want to be an Alien.

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