• Tesla286
  • AYCB
  • 2014-04-28

Despite being called Zukunft, German for ‘future’, Tesla286 is very much a blast from the past. They have crafted a forward-thinking electro album with an old school Detroit vibe, think nods to Kraftwerk but heavier references to Dopplereffekt and the Rephlex Records output. Released on Housemeister’s reactivated AYCB label, there’s much to love about the retro stylings harking back to early computer music with lots of blips and bleeps with a dash of samples from a seemingly digital voice.

Tesla286 are diligently stick to their dehumanised blueprint, with “Robot Love” acting as a beacon for their intentions. It’s a tough love with little warmth, instead the cold electro runs steadily through the tune, much like the album. The other-worldly synths of Zukunft offer glimmers of optimism, however this is a dark, atmospheric experience in the main as machines come to the fore over any human elements.

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