In A Space Outta Sound

  • Nightmares on Wax
  • Warp
  • 2006-03-20

George Evelyn’s latest record under the moniker of Nightmares on Wax continues much in the same way as his previous work. Balearic melodies, relaxed dub and reggae vibes abound for another warm and sunny slice of music that seems destined to become a soulful soundtrack for chilling out while soaking up some rays come summer.

If Evelyn was not reclining in a very relaxing leather chair or nestling in a hammock in the sun somewhere while writing much of this album, I would be very surprised. In a Space Outta Sound is laid back to the point it is almost hard to know when it really gets going. Having seen the recent UK tour show rock the foundations of Concorde 2 in Brighton, it is disappointing the same effect is not reproduced on the album. Tracks like “Damn” and “The Sweetest” will have you swaying and bopping your head, sure, but not because there are emphatic beats. It is more of a soul sway to lush melodies and nodding in time to the drums.

it tends to let you drift off into a contemplation of life

The jazzy, gospel-like stylings of “I Am You”, African drums of “African Pirates” and angry trumpets of “Pudpots” make this an album of varied sounds for sure, and Nightmares on Wax has never been about attention seeking music that refuses to be ignored. The beauty of In a Space Outta Sound is that you can dip in and out of the songs yet never feel lost. True, that could be taken as a criticism, however I doubt Evelyn would be too fussed about arguing as he gets a little more comfortable on that chair or hammock of his. Try to find yourself somewhere equally soothing to listen to his latest as it will not rock you — it tends to let you drift off into a contemplation of life. Isn’t that what soul music should allow you to do, anyway?

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