Modeselektion Vol.3

  • Modeselektor
  • Monkeytown
  • 2014-06-27

Modeselektor’s Modeselektion series has become a beacon for the electronica sound of now according to the German duo. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary get together the newest tunes – some exclusives – they regard as hot, and fuse them into two mixes for another volume of bass heavy selections.

The varied taste of Modeselektor is clear just from the first disc where a selection of 10 tunes vary from the moody atmospherics of Fennesz’s “Tom” and Nosaj Thing’s “DY” opening the compilation with only the vaguest of words on the latter, but four tracks in and The Fall appear. “Fibre Book Troll” is all indie guitars and bustling drums that leads nicely int To Rococo Rot’s “Miles An Hour” which is guitar-led electronica and the uplifting “Pastis” by Cid Rim. Akkord and Robot Koch edge the selektion back to its darker opening, with only The Howling’s quietly optimistic “Signs” before the sombre “Time Hurtz” by Born in Flamez offering an escape from the shadowy clutches of the pair.

An educational electronica experience.

The lighter side of Modeselektor comes out to play on disc two, the first rays of fun coming from L-Vis 1990’s “Funk 4D” and the jump up beats of Schlacht-Hofbronx’s collaboration with Buraka Som Sistema, “Vol-Umen”. Illumsphere’s “Bullet” injects pace while Alex Banks’ “Be the One” sets up a frenetic finale with Onra’s “Blast”, Henrik Schwarz’s dancefloor sing-along “We Are Bankrupt” and a Modeselektor edit of Omar Souleyman’s “Edamat”. They duo seem to becoming more electric with age, veering away from their hip hop and dubstep influences, and seeking out refined electronica for their Modeselektion compilations. It makes for an educational experience.

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