I Hate T-Shirts That Say 1977 EP

  • L Pierre (& Notes)
  • Melodic
  • 2005-11-28

This lead song on this EP is not just more upbeat than previous records from L Pierre but is just a whole world away from what most people had come to expect from Arab Strap’s Aidan Moffat. The dance sound identifiable behind much of his work here explodes into an uplifting, cinematic house party — instead of a pulse underpinning depressed post-rock bardsmanship though this is a beach anthem, and much more uplifting than the title suggests. Vocals on “I Hate T-Shirts That Say 1977” are performed by Texan rapper Notes, who offers fantastic weaving raps alongside the glorious orchestral arangements and enthusiastic electronics. His presence adds a different dimension to L Pierre’s instrumentals and sets the fist track apart from the others.

Moffat has created a track which is extremely good-time yet so joyfully epic

Second track “Biblebash!” kicks in with a blast in like an early-nineties Warp record by LFO or Aphex Twin with clicky hi-hats and the treble turned up to techno. After thirty seconds the film-score feel of the whole EP glides over it as piano and synths backed by more rousing orchestrals reel off a song straight from the Morricone canon – in general but specifically the Moses (Gianfranco De Bosio, 1975) soundtrack, with calls of “Hallelujah” repeating at the songs climax. Moffat has created a track which is extremely good-time yet so joyfully epic; it’s decidedly serious yet completely danceable.

“Black Disco Vista”, the third track, has a slightly moodier feel to it but the pumping 4/4 remains throughout, along with repetitions of symphonic blasts which could come from the work of any of a long list including John Williams and Maurice Jarre. At over six minutes “Black Disco Vista” is the longest track on the EP but it does the least of the three. It is more of a club-mix disco number and distills the elements which make this release impressive. Where this years previous L Pierre release Touchpool came on as the record to put on when you get back in of an evening, I Hate T-Shirts That Say 1977 is the one to listen to before you go out, or if you’re staying in but having loads of people over. It surprised me, but i’m loving it.

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