Bootprints EP

  • King Creosote
  • Names/679
  • 2005-11-28

There’s prolific. And then there’s King Creosote. Although the Bootprints EP is his first full single release from his first album for Names records (KC Rules OK) he has, like an iceberg, a great deal below this surface. Since 1998 he has made at least 24 albums, all but the latest on Fence Records. He is the anti-Damon Dash (Roc-a-fella label boss/bling idiot), the scruffy head honcho of the Fence Collective and record label (a loose collection of alt-folk musicians from Fife which has included James Yorkston, Lone Pigeon, U.N.P.O.C. and KT Tunstall amongst its members). Despite, or perhaps due to, the remoteness of its location and the music involved, Fence could be soon to follow the likes of Chemikal Underground and Fierce Panda into homegrown label legend.

sit on this until the summer and it’ll come into its own

The lead track on this EP, “Bootprints” is a gorgeous hammond pop swoon. The parping horns and catchy chorus of Blur or Badly Drawn Boy coupled with the King’s almost Ian Dury vocals. Hot Chip provide a suitably odd remix of the title track, a kind of Casio-“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. The only let down is the Jon Hopkins Remix of “Vice Like Gist Of It” which veers rather to close to Enya territory for my liking.

Even on a decent sized label KC probably won’t have posters the size of the Isle of May* on the underground or on buses or make 30-something ipod-wankers swoon like broken voiced James Blunt, but sit on this until the summer and it’ll come into its own.

*Its an Island off the coast of Fife

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