Band of Angels

  • Kelli Ali
  • Kelli Ali
  • 2013-05-13

Former Sneaker Pimps singer Kelli Ali has quietly chalked up four albums since leaving the trip-hop band. During that time she’s experimented with a poppier side, delved into electronica and explored ethereal sounds. For her fifth outing Band of Angels, Kelli seems keen to blend the genres across an album with electronica, classical, dance, pop and folk exerting an influence.

Kelli has a strong following – this album was funded by her fans who helped her reach 151 percent of her target to pay for the album’s recording, production and manufacture. Her appeal is the strength of her vocal talents which are far more developed than the breathless delivery required of her Sneaker Pimps days. On “Silent Requiem” and “Band of Angels” her powerful delivery take centre stage, particularly on the dramatic “Band of Angels” with a tender piano.

She dabbles in poppier sensibilities with “The Hunter” and electroclash on “Kiss Me Cleopatra” which could easily make a transition to a club dancefloor. The beef bassline on “Art of Love” gives the tune a hint of dubstep sensibilities while “When Darkness Falls” is an uplifting counterpiece to the more downbeat “Falling” and epic closer “Eternity”.

Band of Angels is Kelli Ali on confident form, no doubt boosted by the generosity of her fans and their desire to hear more from her. She is still very much an under-the-radar artist, but deserves far more recognition which such a diverse range. With a little more polish to her productions, she will surely emerge into the spotlight.

Listen to the album here.

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