Existence Is The Sound Of Love

  • Jimmy Davis
  • Head Nodders International
  • 2013-11-18

Birmingham’s politically-charged rapper Jimmy Davis explodes into life on Existence is the Sound of Love with a The Streets-like appeal of everyman views and tales. “Intro” has grinding guitars to enforce the emphatic rallying cries from Davis. He oozes confidence in his stride, and he is also adept at finding surprising beats such as the interrupted melodies of “Kiss the Clouds”, surely an anthem for future gigs. His edgy start continues with the dreamy female chorus of “Stars Together” contrasting with the rhymes from Davis which remain strong throughout.

Davis is keen talk up the unfairness of modern society, and drops in a quote from Morpheus in The Matrix to make his intentions clear during the “Intro”. Later there’s the melding of Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” with a news reports about violence in Birmingham to mix up the delivery of the social commentary, maintaining an sharp focus on entertaining while keeping the themes serious. Jimmy Davis provokes the ears with his music and his lyrics, offering a welcome alternative to the faux, mindless rap clogging up the charts.

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