Carry On!

  • Jilk
  • Bit-Phalanx
  • 2011-11-07

Jilk follows up his debut digital release on Bit-Phalanx physical release Carry On! which is the first for the electronic music label. It’s fitting because Jilk was also its initial signee, and the artist otherwise known as Jonathan Worsley’s domestic folk-tronic ambience makes for a touching lullaby of warming tones made with assistance from guest artists. Neil Gay steps up to the microphone for four of the tracks and Bit-Phalanx ‘s international associate, Coppe’, fresh from a remix collaboration with the whole label, adds her dulcet vocals to another.

Journeying musical narratives like a blissful train ride through a worn-out land.

Carry On! is a lovingly-compiled album 10 months in the making that evokes a tender sense of being able to see the good in the bad. As Jilk says in his sleeve notes, “This really was the most lovely thing to be getting on with when things were not the most lovely.” Jilk borrows quietly by lifting lyrics from Vampire Weekend’s “taxi cab” on “Severely Lacking Reset” and layering Coppe’s echoes onto “dusty tapes and nuclear raindrops” with subtlety, accompanying his journeying musical narratives that are like a blissful train ride through a worn out land captured in the album art of an industrialised nowhere. Buyers of the physical release get the added bonus of a 24-minute bonus track entitled Dusty Archive, a mix of 9 previously unreleased, archived and restored tracks chosen for their direct influence on the five EP tracks, and just as lovely.

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