Life within Lost Transmissions

  • JayetAl
  • 2013-05-27

JayetAl are Winchester duo James Moore and Al Gaudie, a long-running partnership that has produced three albums of epic, driving soundscapes. Their last project saw the pair play a live soundtrack to film La Jetee (Chris Marker, 1962) which formed the basis for the Terry Gilliam-directed Twelve Monkeys, and enabled the set up of James on drums and Al’s electronic-orientated setup to explore their gentler side. For this new album, JayetAl have mixed their explosive mentality of old with the tender side of new for their most full-bodied album yet.

Lush composition making for emotive electronica.

“7Up” fizzies and bubbles much like its sort drink namesake as the album ripples into life. While the electronica fizzles and away with a slow build, the drums add a raw edge but never detract from the subtleties of the tune. So it continues with “Down We Go”, a dreamy soundscape with distorted, lullaby chanting. They begin to up the pace on “Spoilt Grave” as the beats and drumming become more frenetic, then resist going full pelt with the reflective strings of “The Light Hits Us All” acting as a pause before the percussive delight of “Damiano 1000 Drums”.

The second half of the album is the more glitchy of the two while retaining the measured delivery of the first. “EarPhoneFire” explores a complex beat, there’s echoes of Squarepusher’s Ultravisitor phase on the epic “Springboxitude” while the final pairing of “Hard Pattern” and “Comer la Hoja” are JayetAl letting loose with their high energy, soaring synths. The shifts in mood and style make for a refreshing album from JayetAl with lush composition making for emotive electronica.

_Life within Lost Transmissions is available to buy here

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