Mixed Messages

  • Jasper
  • Jettset Music
  • 2012-02-03

Jasper, the synth master of Million Way, brings his many influences together on Mixed Messages for lively encounters sitting effortlessly between blissed out and dancefloor dirty. His classical training and exposure to performing with top electronica acts such as Clark, Luke Vibert and DMX Krew means he’s got a keen ear for both engaging structures and unique sounds all evident here. Using a Nord Modular to create bespoke instruments the five tracks here are inventive and showcase the different sides to Jasper’s style.

You’ll have this on repeat for days.

“Cross Talk” kicks off on an uplifting high with a euphoric moment leading into “Fresh Faced” with its playful atmospherics. A deep, brooding acid trip awaits on EP-highlight “Karate Chop” with heavy bassline stabs and a cheeky synth which hits you with a knowing wink. “Havoc” is a wonky wonder filled with funk and closer “Segasm” sees Jasper in a more reflective mood as he winds down with an airy finale fuelled by a dash of bass. Overall, Mixed Messages is a five-track electronica wonder from Jasper, on a roll with his ingenious modular abilities that are so addictive you’ll have this on repeat for days.

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