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  • 2012-02-20

Bit-Phalanx was started in 2007 as a label dedicated to all forms of electronica. In the formative years of gigs, releases and projects, established artists, producers, performers and musicians donated their talents to its cause. Five years on the label is repaying their kindness with a compliation dedicated to them. Along with renowned international acts HK-119 and Coppe’, regular Bit-Phalanx guests and new connections feature on this 16-track release.

Gusset’s brief “Heiva Tahiti” is a percussive introduction before K21 brings the amen breaks in a breakcore-gabba mash-up. Timothy A.D’s “Ben Dover” is an 8-bit electronica outing of glitchy madness, Gavin Hislop goes for a full audio assault on “Raelies Scattering” though it’ll only appeal to die-hard drill and bass fans. Alan Titmash borrows from Sisquo’s “Thong Song” with a surprise vocal sample dropped into his cheeky, wobbly electro number named “Genital Floss” with a tongue firmly in cheek.

A taster of what to expect as the label continues to mature.

There’s a dose of damaging dubstep from Artiic Sunrise with “Dirty Bitch” and Britney Spears’ “Slave 4 U” gets stripped down to basslines and jagged synths on “Microphyst’s “Stylish Trouble”. Scattered beats litter Jonny3snareS’ “I Have to Change”, there’s epic soundscapes on Project Serendipity’s “The Book of Knots” and a soothing synth dream from Odan with “Palmadas”.

Coppe’ was heavily involved with Bit-Phalanx last year with a remix album – the label’s first physical release – and a UK tour. Here she lends her support once more with “No Meltdown”, a darkly haunting tune which she narrates with whispering vocals. Another high profile Bit-Phalanx collaborator, HK-119, has had a huge impact on the development of the label. She gave her entire 2008 album Fast, Cheap and Out of Control over to its roster for remixing and her brooding track “Avaruusasema” rounds off the album with a fittingly affectionate swansong.

The varying styles of electronica on “Associates” portrays the sonic outlets of Bit-Phalanx’s own acts accurately and is a taster of what to expect as the label continues to mature.

_Associates is available for free download direct from Bit-Phalanx here

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