The First Drop

  • Fireapple Red
  • Visible Noise
  • 2005-06-27

Less radio friendly than the Lost Prophets, Fireapple Red are by no means a lesser band. The EP shall leave your ears ringing, your pulse racing and your throat sore from the inevitable accompaniment of your own vocals. There are three live tracks on the record: “Appointing Sympathy”, “Millions”, and “Buy Yourself”, and they do nothing but capture the essence of the Fireapple Red live show. The energy pulls you in and spits you out sweating with excitement. If you have tickets to see Pennywise this month then you may be lucky enough to see Fireapple Red in support.

The EP also contains footage of the band live at Reading Festival just to whet your appetite for the real thing. There is also promotional footage of the band in the studio, and of an early video for the track “Millions” which features the band passing sign posts displaying war death tolls.

…every guttural roar is like a call for one last stand

Of the three studio recorded tracks, “Another Season” is the pick of the bunch; it hits you like a sledge hammer to the head. The guitars are angry and jagged and the vocals are blood curdling. Tarek (Vocals) is the general on the front line driving his troops forward; every guttural roar is like a call for one last stand. Still, there is a constant undertone to this hard nature — a flowing melody weaves through the whole song. You can’t listen to this sat down. When the tempo slows it is never far from picking up again; you are grabbed by a cacophony of passion that will make it hard to take a seat. And how fitting the passion is when you consider the lyrics, the band are singing about a crisis, they’re in pain, they’re pissed off — they’re talking about Western cultural hegemony.

“The First Drop” is the first song on the EP and it opens with a “LISTEN TO ME NOW” guitar riff. The track stares you in the eyeballs and screams in your face, which is fine because it sounds better the more you listen to it. The word patience has never sounded less peaceful as it does when it roars from Tarek’s lips as he sings: “Patience will help you come to terms, realities will cease to bother you.” It’s a song brimming with as much energy as there are lyrics, as the guitars chop their way through the melody.

…until the guitars break up into a machine gun running out of bullets staccato

“Our Addiction” opens to a series of Tarek’s war cries and heavy, ascending guitar riffs. The track then thunders along to Dave Robinson’s pounding drums, beating too fast for your nodding head to follow. This is until the guitars break up into a machine gun running out of bullets staccato, followed by a full band chant – “We play a part in the production line”. The tempo then speeds up with a glistening guitar solo that flies up into a high—pitched, head rolling assault on the senses. As you’re recovering from the solo you hit the ending lyrics — “So who’s tried and failed yet still marched on, most times we try to laugh it off..” — Food for thought.

Fireapple Red will rattle your brain around inside your skull.

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