Crow's Wedding EP

  • Evokateur
  • 2012-03-12

Evokateur is made up of composer Hector and songwirter/lyricist Sarah Villaraus, a fine pairing who echo the electro-pop of Miss Kittin and The Hacker, but with a more glistening, heartfelt rendering of the genre. The four-track EP follows up last year’s single “Wolf Girl”, which was mixed by Grammy Award winner Dom Morley (Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black) and remixed by electro legend Gary Numan, and shows the London duo are building on strong foundations to create dreamy, melancholic tunes.

“Same As You” evokes airy 80s synth pop as Sarah’s quaint and upbeat vocals accompany a light beat for a happy love song. “Wildflowers” is more introspective and measured while “Misery” is pondering with imposing bass stabs. The closing “Undone” completes the EP as the positiveness of “Same As You” falls away with each passing track to a final tune which has a distorted synth to evoke sadness.

Throughout Crow’s Wedding it is Sarah’s voice that keeps the EP brimming along with elegance – her vocal talents are Evokateur’s biggest asset. Hector’s backing is well-produced, though needs to be beefed up to impose itself on the tunes more. This EP suggests the duo haven’t quite got their balance right and Sarah, while delightful to listen to, needs more support.

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