The Immortal/ Living Daylights remix

  • DJ Fresh
  • Breakbeat Kaos
  • 2006-02-13

Once again, DJ Fresh (D.Stein) proves his unsurpassed production skills and ability to weave mammoth dancefloor monsters. Most certainly on a euphoric, parody tip, “The Immortal” blends electro funk samples, a throbbing, punchy bass, tongue-in-cheek vocals and gritty, distorted drums.

What is most impressive about this release is just how horribly wrong it could have gone. The stock sounds themselves are hardly inspiring, but this is insignificant — it’s all in the arrangement! Never one to shy away from a melodic theme (refreshing in Jungle!), Fresh lays down his ideas with such confidence and expertise, that no man would dare to mock some of his more shall we say, ahem, questionable, samples. Watch out for the two bar surprise amen hook- a thrilling moment in DnB.

Fresh lays down his ideas with such confidence and expertise.

The B-Side features a remix of one of Fresh’s previous endeavors, the new-school jump-up anthem “The Living Daylights” from ‘The Original Jungle Sound EP”. Lovers of the original are unlikely to be too surprised by the end result; this is standard remix territory. Regardless of ones views on the somewhat standardized nature of Drum and Bass remix culture, “The Living Daylights” has been receiving full support from the likes of Andy C and Mampi Swift. With such jungle big guns representing, how can it fail?

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