• Dave Monolith
  • Rephlex
  • 2011-11-28

Rephlex is renowned for releasing electronic music that pushes boundaries and unearths new talents – acts as high profile as Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert have the label to thank for bringing their tunes to the masses. Now Dave Monolith seems set to emerge as the latest talent with the release of his debut LP. Welcome marks David Barnard’s first major foray into the scene, but he’s made such a surefooted start that he could be fast-tracked to become another Rephlex star.

There will be a loud clamour to see Monolith in full effect in 2012.

Of course being signed to Rephlex and producing electronic mind music that organically evolves and morphs will always bring the comparisons with Aphex whether or not Dave Monolith vocalises Richard D James as one of his influences, but Welcome deserves plaudits away from his shadow. A gentle introduction brings three very structured down tempo tunes, then “Euphorium” ups the electronica ante with is evolving synths and masterful layering of sonic wizardry in the mid section. From then on there’s an upbeat atmosphere and you are soon closing your eyes and drifting off into pixelated dreams.

The 8-bit funk of “Farewell Frenchman”, darkness of “Covoder” and acid of “Zunker” are evidence of a producer keen to stretch himself and create a unique synthetic sound. “Airbrite” and “Hot 32 Day” would be a joy to hear live and there will be a loud clamour to see Monolith in full effect in 2012: be sure to get down the front.

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