fabric 60

  • Dave Clarke
  • fabric Records
  • 2011-10-17

Long overdue but well worth the wait, Dave Clarke’s entry into the fabric mix series is typically diverse of the man dubbed the “Baron of Techno” by John Peel. Taking his sonic adventures from the cavern of fabric’s room two and transposing them straight onto a CD means Clarke avoids any party tunes of the past and plays it straight with 17 tunes of hard edge techno and electro from new and unknown acts that have become the hallmark of his White Noise radio show. His futurist vision is in-line with his Sunday morning sets that reward the people who care about dance music with a glimpse of what’s to come.

An essential fabric mix.

Opening with Raudive’s “Shiver”, Clarke’s mix throbs into life with distorted sounds into the sinister electro of Crotaphytus “Cnemidophorus Sexlineatus” which goes by the apt remix title of “The Mr. Pauli Monster Bass Guitar Remix”. The brooding guitar blends into Tommy Four Seven’s “Armed 3” which clicks and crashes, priming the mix for a bout of dark techno. A Kenny Larkin remix of “Dark N Lovely” by Marc Romboy vs. Paris The Black Fu, the acid of Cristiano Balducci’s “Pride” and the driving force of Cute Heels “Silence Complot” bring the energy you’d expect of Clarke, though after the grime of Stephane Signore’s “Sacrifice” and Gesaffelstein’s “Aufstand” rip through the speakers, he moves firmly electro territory with a clatter of moody synths, tough bass and haunting sonics.

Scapre One’s “Time Falls (Dynarec remix) is typical of the choppy beats and twisted soundscapes which ensure this is a fabric mix that bites back. Exzakt’s “Clarity” has some serious badboy attitude thanks to its mean lyrics, then its an education in the deeply undeground all the way through to Baz Reznik’s “The Attic” chimes the end of the speaker demolition. Clarke has produced a fabric mix that echoes his unique stylings behind the decks in room two, bringing his futurist ethos to the fore. An essential fabric mix – and one you’ll be listening to for a long time.

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