I'm Slow But I'm Sloppy EP

  • Danielson
  • Anticon
  • 2006-04-03

This 7” is a precursor to the forthcoming full-length Ships, offering the first chance to hear the new form of the former Danielson Famile. This new form, with it’s shortened name, is still based around lead singer Daniel Smith, but now includes all of the Danielson Famile and more. On this release the main “more” addition is from Why? — who produce the A-side track “I’m Slow But I’m Sloppy”, and whose guitarist Matt Meldon lends instrumental work on his 12-string. This is but a taste though of the highly-collaborative Ships, which also features other friends of the Famile like Sufjan Stevens, Deefhoof and Edith Frost.

Both “I’m Slow But I’m Sloppy” and “Did I step On Yopur Remix” (the latter produced by PALLADINO) are perfect examples of quirky leftfield pop music, insistently different and fun. The first track includes a marimba lead riff, gorgeous melodies, as well as Smith’s traditional cheerful yelpy vocals. It’s appeal also lies in its almost schizophrenic though consistently happy and upbeat nature with its fantastic switching between different rythyms and beats and instruments.

perfect examples of quirky leftfield pop music, insistently different and fun

Though perhaps a little less crazy “Did I Step On Your Remix” in an equally enjoyable listen. It is a version of a track to appear on Ships, full of synths and uptempo beats this time with vocals switched between Smith and his sisters, in a quirky call and response from band leader and backing troupe.

Overall the two tracks offer example of Danielson’s mastery of not just something that little bit different but incredibly catchy pop/indie/electronica, suggesting that the forthcoming album is going to be both a joyously interesting listen.

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