Joy Departed

  • Clara Moto
  • InFiné Records
  • 2013-08-26

Ahead of Austrian producer Clara Moto’s follow up to 2010’s Polyamour this autumn, she brings us five new tunes on EP Joy Departed. Now settled in Berlin, her refined sound is a deep mix of house and down-tempo dubstep which tend to hit an emotional response. A cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” featuring Lee Burton and Mimu is the most sumptuous as the pair take part in a dreamy exchange as tender synths evolve over a 4/4 beat.

“Shade” glistens as an early morning rave soundtrack, as does “Disposable Darling” with its hypnotic vibe. But it’s not all dancefloor-friendly. Title track “Joy Departed” is a restrained electronic ambiance, shimmering with a distance vocal, and ‘For the Love We Lost’ is a equally hypnotic showing Clara’s softer side.

As a precursor to new album Blue Distance, Joy Departed showcases Moto’s ability to create organic-sounding electronica that is soothing on the ears while exciting the mind. Some might consider this to be headphone music, but you’ll get even more emotion getting up your stereo outside and hitting repeat while soaking up the last rays of summer.

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