Blue Distance

  • Clara Moto
  • InFiné Records
  • 2013-11-04

Clara Moto moves on from her predominantly techno-infused debut Polyamour with a more personal album of emotional electronica. Named after a line from a poem by Sylvia Plath and fixed on the theme of remoteness, Moto delivers an emotion selection of songs with only a few nods to clubland.

“How we live in each other” provides an electro clash beginning: Clara’s mechanical vocal delivery and cold synths suggest a Miss Kitten influence, especially with the spacey introduction that then flows through the track. “My double edged sword” shifts into post-dubstep territory as she channels Burial and Sully, then she turns her attentions to nailing house grooves with “Hedonic treadmill” before disappearing into he merely gloom of “I saw your love”.

Moto’s direction on Blue Distance is elegant and eloquent.

Moto shifts genres throughout Blue Distance, yet maintains a confident air whether with the tender lyrical delivery and soft tones of “In my dream” or upping the pace with “Placid Kindness”. The second half of the album is geared more towards composed production with a pair of haunting, downbeat mood pieces to close. Moto’s direction on Blue Distance is elegant and eloquent, she seems surefooted in her approach and will win over fresh admirers with her new-found range.

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