• Buraka Som Sistema
  • Enchufada
  • 2011-10-31

When Buraka Som Sistema burst onto the electronic dance music scene in 2008 their electro stylings combined with the African kuduro genre of carnival-esque drumming and distinctive female vocals was a tidal wave of innovation. Their debut album Black Diamond led to appearances at festivals worldwide where their live show featuring two drummers and an energetic stage show continued to win them plaudits and they seemed to be a vital source of freshness. Three years on they deliver their second album Komba and, while many top electro DJs have been double-teaming and live acts have started to find more creative visuals for their shows while pushing their music forward, Buraka Som Sistema have disappointingly dished out more of the same rather than seek to maintain their innovative reputation by taking their fusion further.

Buraka Som Sistema have lost the charm that gave them a natural flow.

Case in point is the lazy “Hangover (Bababa)” with its annoying chant intended to be infectious but winds up laboured or “Voodoo Love” which has dual female vocals, the drumming and the synths but none of the creative spark seen previous from the Portuguese band. They have managed to retain the same energy which will have crowds going mental to their live shows, especially on the relentless “Macumba” featuring a guest appearance for Mixhell and LOL & POP which gets equally riotous. However, from the first tune “Eskeleto” featuring Afrikan Boy there is a sense that Buraka Som Sistema have lost the charm that gave them a natural flow. Komba feels too calculated and somewhere the dancing magic they seem to be able to conjure up at will got lost. The drums, beats and vocals are all present, but its hard to get a feel for them trapped under the glossy production.

_Buraka Som Sistema perform at London’s Heaven on 22nd November, tickets available here

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