be your own PET!

  • be your own PET!
  • XL Recordings
  • 2006-03-13

I can safely say that indie is not quite ready for world domination. There are some new kids in town — Nathan, Jamie, Jonas and Pearl. They take the form of be your own PET and are quickly taking the UK by storm with their quirky style, and untamed youth. These kids are barely 18 and are already teaching all those thritysomething bands how its done. It’s all about blood, puke and guts with this band. They are punk and they are raw… This is be your own PET and they bite.

So their debut album: It’s hard to know what to expect when they are so young it hurts. I knew they were so called ‘punk’ and that their singer is a hot blonde thing — but I never expected to be listening to one of the hottest albums of 2006 — I really don’t think this album could be more punk if it tried.

I like it. They are kids, they are doing what every 18 year old wants to be doing, but I think very few could do it with the conviction and charisma that this gang does. Pearl might be the lead singer in one of the most hyped bands around, dubbed a female version of her hero Iggy Pop but she is also just a normal American teenager growing up.

“Its not hard to write a shitty punk song” says Pearl. Delivered with the self-deprecation of someone twice her age, it helps that she is right. be your own PET can “write up to five songs a day if we’re really motivated.” And by listening to the album this mini interview made more and more sense. They haven’t messed around with re-writing lyrics. “Punk is all about the moment” says Pearl and be your own PET can capture the moment in just one minute twenty eight.

“Punk is all about the moment” says Pearl and be your own PET can capture the moment in just one minute twenty eight.

The best track has to be “Bunk Trunk Skunk” — any song with the lyrics “I’m an independent motherfucker, and I’m here to take your money/i’m wicked, rad, and i’m here to steal away your virginity” is a great song in my eyes. The words are all so full of teen angst it hurts. It’s not juvenile, it’s actually quite beautiful, it’s something many record companies try hard to stamp out these days and that’s just raw passion.

The more and more I listened to it the more I loved it and just wanted to be part of this cool gang! “Advernture” is one of the more, how can I put it… ‘radio friendly’ songs. So it’s not surprising that it is being released as their up and coming single.

“My brain is on fire” are the great words of Pearl — I hate it when people only focus on the singer but it needs to be pointed out that this girl is truly amazing. She just proves that men don’t have to dominate punk, I hope other girls jump on the band wagon — something interesting may be about to happen…

Fifteen tracks and just 30 minutes of music — now that’s skill. “Fill My Pill” is another great song. It makes me want to get down to CBGB’s and spit and bite and tear the place apart. Wow. If I had to say anything bad about the album it would be that it’s a little repetitive at times but I will give them some leeway as its an immense first album for four kids with such little life experience. Why was I never this punk when I was their age? Who cares? They certainly don’t. I expect to see great things from this band and for this album to start a mini revolution. On your marks…Get set…Go!

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