• Author
  • Tectonic Recordings
  • 2011-11-14

Leeds-based dubstep producers Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin have teamed up for a collaborative album that combines their skills at engineering finely-crafted sounds. Sparrow’s album Circadian won plaudits on release last year while Dom Howard, aka Ruckspin, is a key member and producer of live dubstep supergroup Submotion Orchestra. Together they have created a tuned-up album that explores the many directions dubstep is heading as it mutates into new forms.

“Turn” featuring Ed Thomas starts off Author’s journey smoothly with rippling bassline and saxophone with soothing vocals. “Sun” has a warm feel in much the same vein as they look to create a Cafe del Mar for the dubstep generation. They adopt a more ponderous style on “Revolutions” and “Green & Blue” which has tinges of a smoky jazz club. “Dashiki” is African in name and sound with frenetic drumming and soft strings playing out a dreamy mid-section before Author get nasty.

The blueprint has been laid for a fruitful future.

“Mothership” reveals the dark and dramatic side to Sparrow and Ruckspin’s creation. Haunting breaks step in to give a break from the bass stabs – this is the most accomplished moment of the album and would not be out of place in the hand of director Chris Cunningham’s twisted imagination. “Fix” steps up the pace before Author wind down with the chilled “Drain”. This collaborative effort is a joy, though for all it’s precision, there is a sense that the pairing don’t let loose and explore their dark side enough. The potential invention “Mothership” suggests might be about to explode the album into life is just a fleeting moment. For the Author project to flourish, the dubstep dons need to invest more time in being aggressive. The blueprint has been laid for a fruitful future.

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