Chosen Lords

  • AFX
  • Rephlex
  • 2006-04-10

Last year Aphex Twin released a series of 12”s under the title Analord, based around analogue sounds and styles. Making use of Richard D James’s legendary and possibly unequalled collection of analogue synths, drum machines, keys and other assorted kit, this release is a 10-track ‘best of’ that offers a diverse selection of music that probably could not have been crafted by anyone else.

Ever a man to do the unexpected whether composing or djing, Aphex Twin albums have been few and far between, yet always worth the wait to hear what twisted noises and audio assaults he has waiting for those who can stomach them. With the Analord series, the self-imposed restrictions of limiting the equipment used to create the tracks has elimintated much of Aphex’s creativity in terms of serving up a unique selection of sounds. However, the beauty of these tracks is that beneath the initial simplicity of the tools used to make the music lies a depth that not only holds interest, but will have you revisiting them time and time again.

“Fenix Funk” is an eerie and unsettling piece lacing soft sounds with a spikey melody and stuttering beats,

Perhaps the best way to describe how Chosen Lords sounds is to imagine how Orbital might have sounded if they had been Luke Vibert and Squarepusher rather than the Hartnoll brothers. Ambiant breaks, acid house — well it would be foolish to apply an exact genre to this release as it really spans many influences. Opener “Fenix Funk” is an eerie and unsettling piece lacing soft sounds with a spikey melody and stuttering beats, setting the tone for much of the chosen Analords here. Perhaps the best thing about these tracks is they show so much invention that you think they will unfold one way, yet go back on themselves before taking a surprise tangent of a route to the end. “Batine Acid” would not have been out of place on a Vibert release as it intices you in with acid mumurings, “PWStealLdpinchD” is a personal favourite and definately the most dancefloor friendly. Overall, a must buy for all who enjoy engaging with electronic music.

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