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  • 2021-04-26

HLX-1 is the DJ and production duo of Mr. Hooper (Ken Clements), and The AM (Ann-Marie Teasley). They’re going to drop EP Come To Me as the first release on new label Seclusion on Friday, May 7th. We caught up with Ann-Marie to find out more.

Classic Detroit with a twist. We do not stick to anything specific; we make tracks ranging from hi-tech jazz to wormhole techno.

First up, tell us a bit about yourselves - who are HLX-1, and what were you doing before making music together?
We Are Ann-Marie Teasley and Ken Clements. Before making music together, Ken was (and still) is a part of the live duo Scan 7, doing production and live shows. I was (and still am) a DJ playing shows in Detroit and Miami.

Who did you take inspiration from?
We took our inspiration from the spirit of Detroit itself, and of course all of the legends that surround us and have helped us along the way. We don’t want to get into names because we will feel terrible if we leave anyone out.

Why the name ‘HLX-1’, what do you stand for?
The name HLX-1 is actually the name of a black hole in outer space that is 290 million light years from planet earth. HLX-1 was created when two galaxies collided. Ken and I represent the two galaxies. Secondly when the lockdown first happened, I randomly got an idea to call Ken up and have him over for a live DJ set.

We had never played together before but had talked about the possibility. We instantly recognised that we loved the same style of techno and had many of the same tracks. So, we decided to start getting together more often. We stand for two entities coming together as one to create a unique sound. The unique sound is inspired by outer space and sci-fi elements which is represented in our first techno track ‘Come To Me’.

How would you describe your musical style?
Our musical style is definitely classic Detroit with a twist. We do not stick to anything specific; we make tracks ranging from hi-tech jazz to wormhole techno.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would you love to work with?
If we could collaborate with any living artist, there would definitely be a few. We have had the honor of having DJ Maaco (Detroit in Effect) and Mark Flash (UR) remix tracks on both of our latest releases. Going forward, we’re open to working with a variety of DJs and Producers from all over.

Tell us about your EP Come To Me. When did you write it and where did you record it?
The Come To Me EP and concept was written and recorded at Submerge in Detroit, MI last summer.

How do the two original tracks on Come To Me represent you?
The two original tracks represent us in different ways. ‘Come To Me’ is a sound that represents the outer space black hole concept that we are named after. ‘Curious City’ represents a Detroit groove that is part of where we come from. We felt this track had more versatility and could reach who weren’t so much into the spacey techno thing.

Come To Me is being released by new label Seclusion. How did you get involved with them?
We got involved with Seclusion through social media networking.

The label founders Damien Lapéna and Anouar Hemissi provide a remix of Come To Me under their 13130 Space project alias. Was that a natural remix given you’re the first release on their label?
The remix by Seclusion seemed very natural and supported the sci-fi elements of the track. We’re very pleased.

How is Seclusion as a label supporting the release?
The label is supporting the release with high quality video and graphic design, social media promo, interviews and correspondence.

Mark Flash also provides a remix on the EP, how did that come about?
The remix by Mark Flash was put together by the label.

What are your hopes for ‘Come To Me’?
Our hopes for ‘Come To Me’ is that is becomes a staple in the techno community.

What are your other plans for 2021?
Our other plans for 2021 are to release some cyborg-themed electro tracks we have been working on. And we both have our own projects we are currently working on.

Finally, if you could go back in time and give yourselves one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?
If we could give ourselves one piece of advice, it would be not to take on too much at one time. We get super excited about playing and making music and sometimes it can all be a lot to balance.

Ken has a solo career and is also in Scan 7. I DJ, and I also curate a show bringing in talent for Detroit Promo TV, so balancing it all can sometimes be rough.

Watch the teaser for ‘Come To Me’ on Facebook below. For the latest about HLX-1, find them on Facebook and Instagram. Read more about new label Seclusion in our interview with the founders here.

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