Random Magic Halloween Special

!(feature_l)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/526ed6615bbd960002000084.jpg!A new party took over Vauxhall’s Fire and Lightbox venues to celebrate Halloween with a headline set from Omar S and a host of jacking music in what was dubbed a mini label festival with a spooky twist. The Random Magic Halloween on Saturday, October 26th was packed with fancy-dressed revellers, including some ghoulish prosthetic efforts, a Michael Jackson Thriller-style and, oddly, a Julia Roberts Pretty Woman, while every effort was made to turn the dancefloors into a creepy environment. But it was the music that impressed the most with Futureboogie Recordings, the Classic Music Company and Horse Meat Disco haunting Fire and the Mirror Arch while JG Wilkes and JD Twitch – aka Optimo – played all night long in the third arch.

Fire’s cavernous tunnels beneath the rail-tracks leading in and out of London’s Waterloo station meant entering Random Magic was much like going into a dungeon, emerging into Fire with cobwebs all over the lights, pentagrams hanging from the ceiling and on the floor while a beaming Jack-o’-lantern sat atop the stage. The disco-infused house and techno in the main room had Maxxi Soundsystem and Omar S as the stars of the show, the latter effortlessly skipping between subtle 4/4 beats and more neon-touched vocals from the 80s.

Elsewhere, the Classic Music Company and Horse Meat Disco pairing produced a packed middle arch full of sweaty costumed beings, but it was outside where the most curious contraption could be found. Finsbury Park’s Light Eye Mind collective had transported the Hypnagogic Light Machine from their Lucid Light Salon south of the river, inviting guests to be transported into an immersive audio/visual space. It proved a popular experience, and alas always seemed to be engaged when we passed. Nevertheless, those who emerged from the confines of the machine seemed suitably impressed, much like those who enjoyed the debut Random Magic event. A friendly crowd and fun music throughout meant a happy early Halloween rave.

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