Lost with Juan Atkins and Derrick May

!(feature_l)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/509a5fc1b7c36d00020000d2.jpg!The long-running Lost parties have been the first to bring many of the biggest and most prestigious names in techno to London, but on Saturday, November 24th they were bringing some of the best back. Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Mark Ernestus and Tevo Howard all made a rare stop in the UK while Kyle Hall was on an exclusive London appearance. They were divided across the three rooms of Vauxhall’s Area which was packed with techno lovers eager to see their heroes in action.

There was no shortage of interest in this edition of Lost – and plenty of anticipation too. There was a queue to get in even past 1am and one attendee was particularly excited: he’d not been out for 18 years, but the last time he’d been clubbing it was a Lost night with Atkins and May. Finally he had the chance to get out for the night and leave the kids at home, the fact he could see the same pairing again made it all the sweeter. A fair few other clubbers looked like they hadn’t had a night in for 18 years, clearly loving the techno for as long as Lost has been running. The result was an informed and appreciative audience and relaxed atmosphere: no jumped-up trendies or shallow go-home-early music tourists were to be seen.

In the main room, Atkins adopted a foreboding stance as he starred across the dancefloor from the lofty DJ booth. Keeping the sounds smooth and futurist, he took a while to warm up with a few quirks such as a trumpet-led tune then into a modernist sound littered with a few of his own productions. May meanwhile kicked off with a remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” that sent the crowd wild before turning his attention to the more soulful side of techno. Elsewhere Lost featured a fine set from Kyle Hall who delved into his Detroit collection while Tevo Howard jacked bodies effectively. For something a bit different the third arch featured the dub techno of Mark Ernestus, acting more as a chill out than a dancefloor, but much-needed with so much danceable 4/4 going on everywhere else.

Lost’s line-up was just as impressive to the ears as it was to the eyes, and that is set to continue as they are set to re-release the remastered versions of their Cosmic imprint’s back-catalogue. Get hold of classics by Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Oliver Ho and Karakter soon, testament to Lost’s longevity and relevance today.

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