Cocoon Heroes Into the Magic London

!(feature_c)!A three-hour set from Cocoon head honcho Sven Väth was the centrepiece to the label’s London showcase which also featured a six hour marathon back-to-back session from Cassy and Carl Craig. The Cocoon Heroes Into the Magic night marked the start of December and brought with it a lively dose of techno at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.

The railway arch venue regularly hosts some of the biggest techno parties in London, and tonight there was an air of anticipation as Sven fans eagerly awaited their DJ to emerge in front of the decks. The night had kicked off early at 8pm so by midnight the three arches were full with Cassy and Carl Craig just kicking off their marathon six-hour, back-to-back set and MAGMA keeping things pumping in the furthest arch. Meanwhile in the first of the Cocoon Heroes were taking control as Onur Özer kept things relatively minimal in readyness for Mr Cocoon himself, Sven Väth. Oddly there was a sprinkling of American Indian chanting which was embraced by the crowd throughout this set, adding to the anticipation, with Özer enjoying the atmosphere.

When Väth did get behind the decks it was with an almighty round of applause and cheers – his fans had come out in force. He proceeded to launch into a party set full of punchy drops that put the soundsystem to the test, all accompanied by a giant video projection of him boogying in various wild and wacky ways. Despite the cavernous space, there was hardly room to breath during his set and at the end the crowd did a sit down ahead of the final drop, putting a smile on Väth’s face as signed off. Mathias Kaden was up next to keep the energy going, we decided it was about time for a bottle of Champagne and a little explore of the other arches. Cassy and Carl Craig were enjoying a packed out arch while MAGMA’s team including Mark d’Ground, Gavin Rayner and Harry McCanna had proved a popular choice even down in the third arch.

Tonight was certainly Sven’s in many ways, however it would be Cassy and Carl Craig many others talked about after their near-all-night stint behind the decks. Cocoon Heroes Into the Magic London may not have had the uniqueness of being one of the first events at the London Pleasure Gardens, but it still brought plenty of magic to the famed Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.

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