Boddika and Stingray at Bloc

!(feature_l)!Muscular electro was promised at Bloc at Easter, and the Autumn Street Studios system was fully flexed as Boddika and DJ Stingray took centre stage. They were joined by Hodge, Rubin and World Unknown’s Joe Hart on Saturday, April 20th for a dramatic blast of sound from the underground.

Hodge and Rubin set the scene, providing a formidable foundation of big beats and agitated bass. Bloc regular Rubin got the crowd beefed up for Instra:mental collaborator Boddika who played the peak-time set effortlessly switching between raw electro and smooth techno vibes. A nod to the old skool with a funked up remix of Human Resource’s “Dominator” was greeted with cheers as Boddika kept us guessing with which way he would turn next. His set was a blast, and brought an energetic atmosphere with it.

Boddika’s The dramatic set was followed by Joe Hart of the Body Hammer clubnights and World Unknown label maintaining the mood with his dark, industrial style. Again the jacking tunes drifted in at times for a reprieve from the waves of sound crashing through Autumn Street Studios, then it was time for a finale from Detroitian electrobass enthusiast DJ Stingray.

Wearing his trademark balaclava and looking like a formidable opponent in a fight, DJ Stingray made for an imposing presence behind the decks. He had the tunes to match his appearance, years of supporting experimental electronica duo Drexciya is an indicator that he’s not afraid to push genre boundaries. DJ Stingray offered a view of electro past and present, capping off another fine night of dance music for the tastemakers at Bloc.

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