Rutger Hauer talks Hobo with a Shotgun

  • 2011-07-14

Hobo With a Shotgun sees Rutger Hauer dish out vigilante justice in a movie that started out as a fake Grindhouse trailer but became an Internet sensation and now a fully-fledged movie. Harking back to the exploitation cinema of the 1970s, Hauer is the Hobo of the title – a man who takes on the evils of the world in a tour-de-force of gratuitous violence, gore and bloody mayhem. In cinemas tomorrow, Hauer talks how he came to star in a film that has already built up a cult following.

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Seann William Scott

  • 2009-05-11

Seann William Scott’s on screen persona is known as that young guy whose sense of responsibility is extremely limited and not exactly a role model for children. In Role Models, Sean alongside Paul Rudd as the pair trash their company’s truck, drink on the job, curse in front of children and get naked on a camping trip. Scott, did his own nude scenes and also wore a gigantic Minotaur costume in all the scenes even though his face was not visible. zap! bang! Magazine found out about his role models and how he found working with Hollywood’s most temperamental stars: kids.

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Bruce Campbell

  • 2009-02-26

Cult actor Bruce Campbell is still most famous for his role as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy, but has been making off-the-wall movies and currently appears in US TV series Burn Notice. His new film, spoof horror-comedy My Name is Bruce, is produced, directed and stars Campbell as he takes on the challenge of the one role he was absolutely born to play… himself! He talked to zap! bang! about his most recent activities.

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Killface (Frisky Dingo)

  • 2009-02-25

Continuing our series interviewing figures from the past, present, future and imaginary worlds and asking them why they want(ed) to take over the world (previous interviewees include Adolf Hitler, Brain from Pinky and the Brain, General Zod from Superman 2, Avian flu and a couple of Bond megalomaniacs), we talk to Adult Swim’s arch-villain Killface.

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Christopher van Rompaey, Jurgen Delnaet

  • 2009-01-05

A multiple award winner at Cannes, Moscow, Begium tells the story of bored post-office worker Matty (Barbara Sarafian). Forty-one years old and supporting her three children, Matty lives in a small flat whilst her husband decides whether to divorce her or return to the family. An accident with twenty-one year old ‘Viking’ truck driver, Johnny (Jurgen Delnaet), leads to a tenuous relationship threatened by revelations about his past. I spoke to Delnaet and director, Christophe van Rompaey, about the film.

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Clint Eastwood

  • 2008-06-12

To mark the release of the Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector’s Edition set of the five movies staring screen icon Clint Eastwood in one of his most famous roles as Harry Callahan, the 77-year-old four time Oscar winner talks about his relationship with Warner Bros., new movie Changeling and, of course, Dirty Harry.

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Stewart Buck

  • 2006-03-13

Buck began his foray into directing with a small college project that exploded into a fully functioning production involving a professional crew who were willing to work for nothing and a budget of nearly £4000. Smokescreen (2004), a psychological drama concerning a man who has a crippling fear of cigarettes as a result of a dark childhood, became Buck’s calling card and led to his involvement in the production and post-production on a number of other projects. Now, however, Buck is taking on the responsibility of organizing this new documentary on Peter James’ life and work, a task that includes tracking down a number of famous interviewees and shooting in countries such as Germany and Canada. Even when the filming is completed, Buck still has to convince film and television companies to hop onboard and supply additional finance to complete it.

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