Oval Space Fashion Sunday Launch

  • Oval Space
  • London
  • UK
  • 2014-02-10

It was the launch of Fashion Sunday() on 2nd February at multi-arts venue Oval Space, a new monthly designer fashion marketplace dedicated to regularly bringing the largest selection yet of contemporary luxury brands and fresh independent design talent together under one, spacious roof in Hackney, East London.

Freshly scrubbed from the night (and early morning) before, the space was a blank canvas ready to be enlivened by the twenty plus uniquely styled stalls. Catching Fashion Sunday’s curator, the designer Tiffany Alwis, we agreed that the arrival of achingly bright sunshine that Londoners had not seen in weeks was a very good omen of the day ahead.

!(feature_l)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/5301479bf6d5d400020001ad.jpg!Accepting a champagne flute of fizz to accompany me around the market, I made a beeline for one of the most talked about London labels, Silken Favours(). Designer Vicki Murdoch creates beautiful animal illustrations that adorn her silky shirts, dresses, scarves and cushions. Selling a selection of new products, samples and last season’s prints, her shirts which to buy in Liberty would cost £235 were available for £80. Needless to say, I snapped one up in a beguiling polka dots and spring lambs print. And that was one of the best things about Fashion Sunday: an introduction to labels that might become your new go-to brand, at accessible prices and with the feeling you were getting something unique.

Ravensbourne alumni Clio Peppiatt() chose wonderfully soft t-shirts as the canvas for her colourful and incredibly detailed prints. Brightly coloured plastic flowers and even brighter inflatable flamingos framed her garments and set her stall apart. Everyone was in a good mood due to the sun, and I really hope this put the customers in a good mood to open up their purses.

The designers behind Sur.() are certainly no strangers to the sun. Inspired by the sights, sounds and colours of the Mediterranean, the collections retain an urban sophistication, thanks to the company’s West London location. Grown up, minimal styles in beautiful fabrics were made in Spanish leathers, Italian silks or British wools and manufactured in specialist ateliers in and around Barcelona.

!(feature_r)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/52f954384d8d300002000290.jpg! Kitty Joseph() uses the transformative and uplifting power of colour and print to adorn clothing and accessories. Belts and socks were at pocket money prices, but there were also unisex t-shirts, printed dresses and Perspex jewellery and eyewear. And there was more jewellery on offer from Jessie Harris(). The designer’s fine art background was evident in the considered use of materials, looking more like miniature sculptures than earrings and bracelets, but still utterly wearable.

!(feature_l)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/52fa8782fdf6e000020001d6.jpg!One of the independent fashion labels I was most looking forward to seeing was Finchittida Finch(). Their signature etched and carved Perspex accessories are made in London but inspired by founders Tida and Lisa Finch’s homeland of Laos. Far Eastern skylines of mosaic-ed Buddhist temples can be seen in their most recent collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hair combs.

!(feature_r)http://relayer.s3.amazonaws.com/articles/spreads/52f9574f4d8d30000200029d.jpg!Throughout the day, live DJs provided the soundtrack. Customers could grab a bite to eat on the terrace, or a manicure and polish at the pop up nail bar. If home wares was more your thing there was vintage furniture for sale, or a bunch of beautiful blooms from florist Oriole and Thistle. Large crowds of customers had gathered around the more established names that Fashion Sunday had secured, hoping to purchase a piece of Urban Outfitters favourite Peter Jensen, chic Paper London or Fred Perry collaborators David David, at a special price.

As I left, Silken Favours blouse in hand and with some new designers to follow on Instagram, there were large queues for the changing rooms, signalling that Fashion Sunday has the popularity and vision to be a successful new addition to the London independent marketplace scene.

The next Fashion Sunday takes place on March 2.
11am – 8pm
Oval Space
29-32 The Oval
E2 9DT


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