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Wonderwood Festival reveals new stage

Wonderwood Festival will return to Witton Woods & Country Park with a new stage. Organisers have revealed The Glen will be added to the event on Saturday, August 8th set in a secluded, treelined clearing.

The Glen will up Wonderwood to three main arenas with the return of the Panoramia stage and The Warren, plus WonderEats, WonderTreats and a VIP area. Site improvements will include new graveled walkways throughout as well as more facilities and attractions throughout.

So far Crucast acts Skepsis, Darkzy, Bru-C, TS7, Lazcru, Kanine, MC AD and Indika plus special guest Andy C have been revealed. Phase two of the line-up will be released soon.

For tickets and details go to wonderwoodfestival.com.

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