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Unconscious Archives Festival to explore relationship between sound, art and performance

London leftfield arts and music collective Unconscious Archives will host four event in September as part of a festival that inspects the relationship between sound, art and performance. The Unconscious Archives Festival will run from Wednesday, September 20th to Saturday, September 30th including experimental live film events and electronic explorations.

Hosted by UA founder, the artist-curator Sally Golding, there will be breakout artists merging with established names from the noise / art circuits and a focus on the boundaries of audience / performer interaction and DIY music culture. There will also be a link up with the Austrian Cultural Forum London for experimental music and art.

Running throughout the festival with a preview on Wednesday, September 20th followed by a publically-available run from Thursday, September 21st to mid November, will be Emotion + the Tech(no)body. Presented by the Austrian Cultural Forum London in Knightsbridge, it will be an exhibition and events programme featuring work by Austrian and international artists working across sound art, experimental film, software programming, laboratory culture, sculpture, ephemeral art, instrument building, and post internet art.

Artists exhibiting will include Audrey Samson, Benedict Drew, Stephen Cornford, Graham Dunning, Christine Schörkhuber, Ulla Rauter and Reni Hofmüller. For more details go to unconscious-archives.org/emotion-and-the-tech-no-body.

The first live event will be at Compositional Constructs, Cafe OTO on Sunday, September 24th. Showcasing the vibrant systems of artist made technology and performance interventions, it will be headlined by composer, digital artist and performer Myriam Bleau, creator of audiovisual systems and performance-specific musical interfaces.

Myriam will present Soft Revolvers, a light and sound composition for four spinning tops - a tactile new instrument strongly evoking turntables and DJ culture. Dutch artist Mariska de Groot, London-native Leafcutter John and Austria’s Dawid Liftinger will also present works. For details go to unconscious-archives.org/compositional-constructs.

The most electronic-music led event will be Haptic Somatic at Elephant & Castle’s Corsica Studios on Thursday, September 28th. Acting as the album launch for Planet Mu’s Ziúr, they will be supported by the broken techno of Yaxu, Polish artist and Oram Award winner Ewa Justka and Tara Pattenden aka Phantom Chips who makes wearable synthesizers then invites the audience to stretch and squeeze to create sound. Also performing will be Spatial whose work pushes the dynamics of sound system culture incorporating low frequency vibration, hacked code and optisonic experiments, improvisation artist Laurie Tompkins, an immersive LED light composition by Swedish composer /sound artist Marta Forsberg and Billy Roisz & dieb13 as their duo RISC. DJ sets come from NTS Radio affiliate Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams) and Tristan Bath Spool’s Out (Resonance FM and The Quietus). Full details at unconscious-archives.org/haptic-somatic.

The final one-off show of the festival will be an evening of live film, digital art and performative actions Narrativize at the Close-Up Film Centre in Shoreditch on Saturday, September 30th. Exploring de/construction of narrative with artist Q&As will be revered paracinema researcher / artist Esperanza Collado, Austrian media artist, musician, software programmer and poet Jörg Piringer, plus respected London film figure James Holcombe in collaboration with renowned improv trio Secluded Bronte. Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron, a London-based artist, researcher, radio presenter, composer, conductor and a founder of Peckham Chamber Orchestra, rounds off the line-up. For information go to unconscious-archives.org/narrativize.

For tickets priced from £8 for single events head to ua2017.unconscious-archives.org.

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