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The Tower Festival reveals unique main stage design

A main stage that reacts to the movement of the crowd is at the heart of The Tower Festival’s design. The four-day event running from Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd at Fonaby Top in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire will see thermal cameras capture the heat on the dancefloor to translate body movements into an interactive light installation.

The main stage will be clad in translucent bronze polycarbonate to cast shade over the audience like a pair of sunglasses so the surrounding are still visible by day. There dancefloor itself will be made of rubber tiles from recycled trainers to provide cushioning for all.

Hesselbrand’s Founding Director Jesper Henriksson said: “Festivals can be exhausting experiences so for the stage designs we have created a form that can accommodate all of the changing rhythms throughout the festival while allowing the audience to have ownership over the setting. It’s a small temple based on a simple notion of comfort and beauty, something we feel is too often overlooked.”

Meanwhile, The Tower has pledged to plant a tree for every ticket sold to ensure the festival is carbon negative and all the structures will be made primarily from locally sourced timber.

The music programme includes Kenny White, Optimo, Bubble Chamber, John Gomez, Parris Mitchell, DJ Keith Lorraine and Voyeur. Inner Totality Family will host warm up slots bringing the likes of Bullion and D. Tiffany with them, while Manchester/Leeds promoters Ossia will bring DJ Bus Replacement Service and Childsplay along for Saturday night.

Muddled Marauders, headed up by the illusive Muddled Miranda, will create “The Corridor of Uncertainty” which will bring House Orange’s drag acts and live performers to the forest to keep the party live into the early hours. This spectacle will be soundtracked by iona, Jaye Ward and Block9/NYC downlow regular Wes Baggaley.

For tickets and details go to the-tower.co.uk.

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