The Tower 2018 reveals line-up

Optimo (Espacio), Dan Shake, Tornado Wallace and DJ Bus Replacement Service will play The Tower 2018. Aiming to be a multi-sensory festival experience, The Tower will run from Friday, June 29th to Monday, July 2nd at Fonaby Top in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire limited to just 700 revellers.

Nestled within an idyllic woodland clearing in the East Midlands, The Tower see everything carefully-curated down to the visual identity which is a nod to this community spirit and a carbon copy of the local council’s. Under the creative direction of award-winning architecture firm Hesselbrand, known for their original designs of the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the festival will create spaces that bring people together.

Hesselbrand’s Founding Director Jesper Henriksson said: “For The Tower we have created an approach to festival design which attempts to refine the overall site layout and intensify multi-sensory experience. Using shock-absorbing dancefloors, polarised glass roofs and interactive light/video installation, we’re leaving no stone unturned.”

Proceedings will revolve around a historic 39 metre pillar that crowns the site, a memorial to the planting of 12.5 million trees. The Tower festival will continue this legacy by planting a tree for each ticket sold making it one of the most carbon negative and eco-friendly events in the UK. Woodville Project Boutique camping and free hot showers are provided.

Headliners Optimo, Tornado Wallace and Moodymann-championed Dan Shake will be joined by Phil Mison in a soothing breakfast slot, Chicago house figureheads Mark Grusane and Parris Mitchell, NYC Download/Block9 stalwart Wes Baggaley, Rush Hour’s NTS host John Gómez, “pure hevie filth” purveyor Kenny White and DJ Bus Replacement Service.

Bullion, D. Tiffany, Flørist, Jyoty, DJ Calypso, iona, Jaye Ward, DJ Vegetable, Tomas Station, Voyeur, Castro Moore, Nemo, Dorado, Terry Juarez, Ece Duzgit, Tommy Gold, Lucid Stannard, A Boy From Outer Space, Childsplay, GiGi FM, Vio DJ, Eva Geist, Miles Russell, High Tracksuit, Float A Bort and Bubble Chamber complete the line-up.

Now in its second year, guests at The Tower are urged to adopt a carefree attitude upon arrival with mobile phones and cameras discouraged on the dancefloors and mysterious collective Muddled Marauders ensuring the site will bustle with riotous performers, secret areas and hidden treasures.

For tickets priced from £60 and details go to

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