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The Label Lodge returns to Soho Radio

Soho Radio is hosting labels such as Matador, Fire Records, Tiergarten Records, Fuzz Club, Mayfield Records with the return of the Label Lodge. The third year of the series hosted with Jägermeister and the Association of Independent Music runs until Sunday, August 25th.

The Label Lodge on Great Windmill Street will have daily and weekly pop-up residencies with the Independent Label Market, DeepMatter, Marathon Artists, Distiller and Anjuna all involved. The residencies will feature a mix of live performances cut straight to vinyl, radio show takeovers, album and record signings, industry workshops, mini-gigs and the chance to get merchandise and music.

Jägermeister will be providing a bar of Jägermeister cocktails for many of the events and parties in the space.

Tom Carson, Music Manager at Jägermeister UK said: “‘The Label Lodge’ brings together everything that Jäger Soho stands for; creativity, independent music and grassroots initiatives. We couldn’t be happier to welcome AIM and a myriad of incredible independent labels back for what I am sure will be another successful edition.”

Week-long pop-ups
3rd – 9th June: Matador Records
10th – 16th June: Fire Records
8th – 14th July: Independent Label Market
15th – 21st July: DeepMatter
22nd – 28th July: On The Corner Records
29th July – 4th August: Brownswood Recordings
5th – 11th August: Marathon Artists
12th – 18th August: Distiller Music
19th – 25th August: Anjuna

One day pop-ups
17th June: Seahorse Music
18th June: 37 Adventures
19th June: Silent Cult
20th June: Tiergarten Records
21st June: Fuzz Club
22nd June: Pussyfoot Records
23rd June: Small Pond Records
24th June: Mayfield Records
25th June: Super Kitchen
26th June: LGM Records
27th June: SOTN
28th June: Essex Recording Studios
29th June: Nude Music
30th June: Mais Um

For details go to sohoradiolondon.com.

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