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Sound Of Love International by Gatto Fritto

Croatia’s Love International festival will release its first compilation album in June. A collaboration with London balearic culture website Test Pressing, the series gives curators with ties to the festival at The Garden Tisno the opportunity to pick 12 tracks that they love and what to share with the world.

The debut release is curated by Gatto Fritto, aka Ben Williams, offering a collection of tracks Ben played across his last two sets at Love International’s open air club Barbarella’s. The tracklist includes Mad Professor’s son, Joe Ariwa’s, Mi Ami’s outlier release on Pure Silk and vari-speed tape dubbing from Sonny Okosun on the dub version of ‘Highlife’. A 12” vinyl sampler will be released ahead of the compilation’s release on Friday, June 15th featuring Anaalivaihe - ‘10.11.2012’ (Gatto Fritto Edit) & Sonny Okosun - ‘Highlife’.


A1 - Derrick Harriott - ‘Dub Whip’
A2 - Anaalivaihe - ‘10_11_2012’
A3 - Sonny Okosun - ‘Highlife’ (Dub Version)
B1 - Joe Ariwa - ‘King Moses’ (33RPM Version)
B2 - Pilgrims Of The Mind - ‘Airplane’
B3 - Khan - ‘Turkish Bath (Part 1)’
C1 - Code - ‘Parsifal’ (Ambient Dub)
C2 - Sandoz - ‘Dark Continent’
C3 - Mi Ami - ‘Free Of Life’
D1 - The Black Dog - ‘Rainbow Bridge’
D2 - Nation Of Noiz - ‘Xes Noiz’
D3 - Earthquake Studio - ’21st Century’

For more information go to testpressing.org.

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