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Sónar sends music by 20 more acts into space

Music by Alva Noto, Kate Tempest, Daito Manabe, Squarepusher and Niño de Elche is among the latest transmission into space by Sónar. From Monday, May 14th to Wednesday, May 16th, Sónar will send further music to the potentially-life supporting Luytens Star b 12.4 light years from Earth.

It follows a first transmission in October, this time adding music by Agoria, Ah! Kosmos, Choi Sai Ho, Cora Novoa, Daedelus, Desert, Juana Molina, LCC, Lorenzo Senni, Ryoji Ikeda, Yuzo Koshiro and Zora Jones. Three pieces of music by the winners of a public call for submissions will also be sent by Nisa Pujol Masià, Pavel Apisov and Darko Keteleš. The music and messages from the artist can be heard at sonarcalling.com.

Sónar Barcelona 2018 will present installation Sónar Calling GJ273b Control Room by Absolut at this year’s festival in June, a space at Sónar by Day designed for festival-goers to discover more about the artistic and scientific facets of this initiative. Videos will explain how the two music transmissions were made with interviews from the 38 participating artists and the scientists who made the transmission possible.

For tickets and details about Sónar Barcelona go to sonar.es.

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