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Sónar reveals two new events and delays main festival to 2022

Sónar has announced two new in-person festivals for Barcelona in autumn 2021, but has delayed its June edition to 2022. There will be a Sónar event in Istanbul and further activities will involve joining and powering creative projects in Spain and internationally.

From Wednesday, October 27th to Saturday, October 30th this year, Sónar will host the AI and Music Festival focused on using Artificial Intelligence in musical creation. This will take place in parallel to an expanded, in person edition of SónarCCCB, with more music and a number of stages dedicated to live performances as well as talks, debates and demonstrations in the Sónar+D program.

Both festivals will take on a hybrid format with more than 60 activities. The majority will be in-situ, as well as online exclusives, designed and created specifically to engage with digital audiences. In the months leading up to the AI and Music Festival, Sónar and the UPC, will form a Thinking Lab, led by the University, to promote a dialogue between art, science and technology around AI.

The Sónar Barcelona planned for June has been postponed to Wednesday, June 15th to Saturday, June 18th 2022. Organisers said case numbers, mobility restrictions, and the lack of applicable legislation for large events made the celebration of the festival in the conditions required unviable.

Sónar Istanbul will celebrate its 5th edition on Saturday, October 2nd which will be be amplified through Sónar’s digital channels as #ThisisSonar, creating a digital programme. From now until the end of the year, Sónar also will link with the European project led by Hangar, On-the-Fly, the festival-forum co-collaboration We Are Europe, Factory Berlin, Taller de Musics, the new audiovisual project PRSNT, the music documentary festival In-Edit, the digital culture space IDEAL, the EINA IDEA project by Fundació EINA, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) and the Departament de Cultura through the Institut Catalá de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC).

Details of the AI and Music Festival, SónarCCCB and Sónar 2022 will soon be released. For details, go to sonar.es, sonarplusd.com and follow and #ThisIsSonar on Sónar and Sónar+D socials.

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