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Sónar+D to imagine next 25 years of music, Internet and digital culture

The Sónar+D congress will explore the next 25 years in music, technology, and online knowledge when Sónar celebrates its 25th anniversary. Over four days key figures and projects shaping the future of music and creative technology will come together in Barcelona, with more than 100 activities, 150 speakers, over 5,000 accredited professionals and representatives from around 3,000 companies from 65 countries.

Running in parallel to Sónar from Wednesday, June 13th to Saturday, June 16th, the sixth edition of Sónar+D will cover five key topics aimed at imagining the future. Those five topics will be space exploration, music, audiovisual experiences, the internet and intelligence. Among the guests will be organisations such as NASA, MIT Media Lab, Amazon Music, Google Magenta, The Long Now Foundation, Mozilla, Shazam and Bandcamp, creators such as the VR studio Felix and Paul, the pioneer in mixing Internet and music Ian Rogers, chief of digital area at LVMH, experiences designer Nelly Ben Hayoun, Augmented Reality artist Zach Lieberman and Prince’s sound engineer Susan Rogers.

During the four days there will be a workshop on how to build nanosatelites, the Glass Room Experience displaying the dark side of the technology we use day today and an opportunity to meet the creators of instruments designed to be played in zero gravity. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto will be in conversation together on the Stage+D, as will a new and expanded Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO - a fulldome experience measuring 19 meters in diameter that will host premières of fulldome pieces, AV workshops and live performances.

Networking at Sónar+D will be a focus in the Start Up Garden and its associated activities will be the meeting place for investors, companies, startups and professionals from the most innovative sectors of the creative industries. Investors taking part include Nick Crosthwaite (Spotify), Jan Bohl (Ableton) and Max Rimpel (Index Ventures). Sónar+D opens its doors on Wednesday 13th June, a full day before the official start of the festival, with a Networking Day exclusively for delegate pass holders.

For tickets and details go to sonarplusd.com.

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