Secret Garden Party sold out

All tickets for the Secret Garden Party 2012 have sold out in record time. It marks a second cause for celebration in a year the festival celebrates its 10th birthday.From humble beginnings in 2004, the Secret Garden Party’s appeal has grown organically over the years, its ethos of fun, friendliness and participation connecting to a new generation of festival goers. It has remained independent and non-corporate in its outlook – billed as a festival of the arts where everyone is the artist.

During that time more than 34,000 performers, musicians, stall-holders and 13,500 volunteers have helped contribute to its success. The spin-off in financial terms to the local economy has been approximately £3m in 2011 and more than £17m since its inception. It has supported local charities and community projects in the Abbots and Kings Ripton area – such as the local village school, Jubilee’s celebrations, Huntingdon Art College and St Ives Secondary School.

Head Gardener, Fred Fellowes said: “We are thrilled to sell out in April for our 10th Birthday. It’s the fastest-selling ever, which is incredible given the current financial climate. A big hug and thanks to all our Gardeners; here’s to the best SGP ever. For those who are disappointed and can no longer get tickets we have taken the creative side of SGP to Glade Festival and Wilderness this year so be sure to check those out.”

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