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Roundhouse Rising Festival presents Rising Soundclash

Six musical collectives will battle it out to be champions of the first Rising Soundclash at Camden’s Roundhouse on Friday, February 17th. Boko! Boko!, InGoodCompany, SISTER, So Future, BORN n BREAD and Millennial SS will work the crowd over the course of a club show to see who can get the most hyped response and win the Rising Soundclash trophy.

Staged as part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival which showcases new music talent and provides panels, workshops, demos and talks to help emerging talent get ahead in the industry, the Rising Soundclash will feature three rounds of genre-blurring music hosted by Radar Radio Breakfast presenter Snoochie Shy and Roundhouse Radio presenter Frankie Wells.

Introducing the collectives

Boko! Boko! is a trio formed of Tash_LC and MINA and DJ Chin. They host regular club nights in Brixton and Shoreditch, playing progressive music from around the world, with a focus on Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

In Good Company is a Brooklyn-based indie label co-founded by DJs Jay Cas and SNCRLY Yours who represent a mix of artists whose music speaks a global language that isn’t confined by genres.

SISTER aim to take you back to what raves used to be. Curated by Carly Wilford and a team of tastemakers linking to the UK and US dance scenes, they will drop heavy bass lines with a leangin towards hip hop, grime and alternative beats.

So Future was created by London DJ K2RAH who celebrates the SoundCloud generation of artists and producers that are creating forward thinking, genre-bending future sounds that includes bass, footwork, trap and hip hop.

BORN n BREAD is a quintet from Peckham who curate fanzines and events while also hosting on NTS radio and DJing internationally mixing hip hop, Afrobeat, grime and RnB.

Millennial SS is a multicultural, genre-bending soundsystem born from an international collaboration between the Roundhouse and Circo Vador in Rio de janeiro. Their combined influences range from the UK, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Nigeria and Jamaica resulting in original compositions, freestyle rap, vocal improv and video art encompassing hip hop, electro, RnB, classical, grime and trap.

DJs on the night will also include two Brazillians, selected to come over to London as part of the Roundhouse’s collaboration with Circo Vaodor in Rio de Janeiro.

The Rising Soundclash will run from 7.30pm to 1am. Tickets are priced from £5 at www.roundhouse.org.uk.

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