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Reminisce Festival presents Warehouse Dayz at O2 Victoria Warehouse

Live acts such as FPI Project, Livin Joy, Shades of Rhythm, 2Funky2, Angie Brown, Rachel McFarlane and Rozalla will play Reminisce Festival’s Warehouse Dayz at O2 Victoria Warehouse. On Saturday, March 7th, the Manchester venue will come alive for nine hours of old skool and bounce classics.

The Reminisce Arena will see the live acts above joined by DJs such as Jeremy Healy, Jon Pleased Wimmin, Tall Paul, Lee Butler, Stu Allan, Paul Bleasdale, Steve Cocky and Mark Simon.

The BounceBACK Stage will see live performances from DeeDee, N-Trance, Lasgo, BCD Project, Infextious, Ultrabeats Rebecca Rudd, Rezonance Q and Sosumi. Ultrabeat, Friday Night Posse, Klub Filler, Chris Henry, Ian Redman, John Neal, Kenny Hayes, Rob Cain, Mikey Dee and Jase G will DJ. MC’s on the mic will be MC Cover, Domino, Efeeze, Finchy, JFMC, MCB, Paul OH and Silky.

The LoveHouse Stage will feature a mix of live acts, DJs and a saxophonist. K-Klass will head up this stage up with a live performance, along with Abigail Bailey, Beverly Skeet Of Gat Decor, Tricia McTeague and saxophonist Carl Stanley. DJs for this stage are Allister Whitehead, Anton Powers, Jason Fitz (Herd & Fitz), Alan Hartley, Ian Longo, Mick Willow, Mike Lewis, Pat Drury, Tommy Mc and Vicki Scott.

For tickets and details go to reminiscefestival.com.

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